Search panel UX feedbacks

My question here is for UX people out there. The situation is as follows: We have a page that lists out elements and we have a hidden advanced search panel that slides down after clicking a button. After the slidedown you will only see one row of results(4 elements).

The question is that what is todays web standard in a situation like this. If i fill out the advanced search form and click on the search button then the panel should slide up and close so we can have more space for the results and see another row of 4 elements or we keep the search panel there and let users close it manually after they are done with searching.

I have my oppinion about this so the only reason i am making this thread is to convince some people that i am working for that the correct way is what i think or to learn something new if i am wrong. I hope you folks can help me out here at UX MASTERY.

Many thanks, Trix

Hi Trix and welcome. Could you provide a link or screenshots? It’s quite hard to visualise things otherwise.

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