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Hi everyone, I have been in the forum for several months and like our community a lot. The first time I asked for portfolio help was when I just joined the community. With advices and suggestions I updated my portfolio again and again. I also learned a lot from reading other people’s posts, looking at other’s designs and reading comments.

I also did not stop learning, from taking online courses to going to Meetups to finding a mentor to doing side projects. However, I still have not got any UX design opportunity so far. It just feels like going into a tunnel that you don’t know how long the darkness is ahead of you and when you will see the light. All I know is as I chose this way, I should keep going on. :neutral_face: At this point, I think I should ask for help. If anyone has 3 min to look at my resume or portfolio, I will appreciate any feed back, suggestion, or advice.

Thank you very much!


I quite like it, its fresh.

One of my pet peaves is Web/UX Designer. Its my opinion there is no such thing, as UX design is a function not a title. But those that have soley web design will argue this point, so its fine. But imo it should be Web Designer focusing on UX Design. .

YOur work experience board is cool, I like the method. I would say it will make some people stop for a number of minutes to understand it, which sometimes is when things get binned, but I like it a lot.

Have you thought about doing a course in software development. Like a holistic overview of the end to end process? This might open up other roles for you like Business Analyst who is engaged end to end and does the UX design as part of their requirements gathering.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Hey @boatiesnz, thanks for the feedback! it is very inspiring. I agree with you that UX design is not a title, it gives designers new tools and methods to improve usability, regardless of whatever product. You make me think that maybe I should focus on web products instead of app (most UX jobs are about app design and development).

The experience board…was a fun quick design, glad you like it. Seems I should improve it to save reviewer’s time, save other’s time = save myself from being

BA, it is interesting. I actually had never thought of doing it. My graduate study was IT, and some of my friends are doing BA right now. I felt it was quite a challenge for me when I was at school because of my languages skills (I am not a native speaker, sometimes need to think for a minute to express myself). Now as you mentioned it here again, maybe I should reconsider about it.

Thanks again for your reply. You inspire me to look at things from a different perspective. I am wondering, if you like, may I find you on Slack and maybe we can casually chat more about UX, BA, or general tech things? Just for fun.


Hiya! Welcome back! Good for you, doing the re-doing and asking for follow up. Here are my comments in no particular order.

  • What does HMW and MVP stand for?
  • The yellow you’ve chosen is a bit vivid for my tastes. The one for the Lemon Aid app itself is more pleasing to my eye than the yellow you’ve chosen for the pages.
  • Your grammar has improved, but there are still parts that could use some work. Again, I recommend reading what you’ve written out loud because that can help you find those pesky spots.
  • The rotating arrow that says, “I changed my mind” is cool, but I can’t tell whose mind was changed… yours or the user’s.
  • I really liked your About Me page.
  • From a social media standpoint, I don’t know if you can change your Twitter/Instagram name, but I was confused at the different name on accounts. I think you might benefit from aligning your Twitter/Instgram names with your actual name. That may not be feasible or necessary. We should let others weigh in on that.
  • You do a good job telling your stories and your thought process, except for the Healing Heart project.


  • I recommend taking the bullets out of the resume. Or at least create a different version of the resume depending on who you are giving it to. My understanding is that larger corporations use scanners when they screen resumes and they have difficulty with the bullet points.
  • That being said, visually, the header and text are clear, concise and well presented.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


Hey, good job getting started!

Resume: I agree that the “web/UX” job title should be reworded. For other job roles, such as “graduate assistant”, I’d also try to highlight as much as possible transferrable skills (applicable to UX). If you’ll be featuring projects on your resume, you could have links to these projects / case studies. I’ve seen some people who don’t have much experience yet to use projects as individual roles (as freelance roles). It can work well too.

Portfolio: I like that the first thing I see is your projects but I’d still like to read something less “generic”. What makes you different? What makes you stand out as a UX designer? Why should people hire you (from the dozens of other portfolios they’re reviewing?)

Case studies: I like how you explain your process and include screenshots of the different stages. Remember you don’t need to include everything, just the relevant bits that will allow you to explain your process through “storytelling”. If someone doesn’t have enough time to go through everything in detail, it’s important that you get their attention, even if you need to send more detailed info after. I’d also probably keep only your 3 best case studies. I feel the latest ones are much stronger than the other ones (the Healing Heart doesn’t have much info). Again, people are probably not going to check each one of them, so keep the ones that represent your best and most recent work.

Other tips:

  • Include “impact” for each case study. What was the impact of the final work? If you can’t include metrics, can you maybe include quotes from people who’ve worked in your team? Or maybe quotes from final usability tests where the participants commented on the usefulness of a certain feature which solved a common problem.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


Hi Piper! Nice to have your advices again! Thanks so much for taking time reading my stuff. And next round of resume/portfolio fix starts now… lol


Thank you Ana!! These are good insights and are very helpful. You are right, I should find my niche which makes me stand out from tons of candidates. Trimming the case studies and adding impact section will be another task.


Thug @Piper_Wilson is :stuck_out_tongue:


Spot on profungi. UX is not a job tile. You do see it. but its usually isolated work.

But in every software Build, a BA has to do UX desigh, People work as graduates for a couple of years before becoming Junior BA’s. So the term UX designer is a little insulting for all the work they have put in to get there,


UX designer is not a title? Since when? What does someone educated in user experience design call themselves then? Something change?


I sense someone in the bay area is lecturer at a course and assigned kids a project: build a mobile app for folks needing specific diets in ‘a location’

we have Toad and now this :wink: