Resume Feedback/review please ☺️

Hi all,

I am Still new to Ux mastery and I love this platform. I am transitioning from frontEnd developing to UX Designing.
Please help review my CV thanks

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Hi Micheal,

Your resume generally seems fine.

However below are some things that needs to be addressed

  • In the header the website mentioned is under construction. Better if the link is removed.
  • In the header the linkedin link is not redirecting to your profile. Need to correct it.
  • In the profile there is a grammar mistake. Could be : I simplify
    communication barriers and bridge gaps between end users, designers and developers.
  • Why is the first item in the skills list in bold?
  • Some of the links in the portfolio are not working
  • Sometimes it would be good to give a quick overview on the portfolio project and your role in it

Also, I think you are more a UX developer than a UX designer, hope someone with experience in UX roles and recruiting can comment on that.

Hi Nalinde

Thank you so much for the honest review.
I will correct all those errors

I really appreciate.

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Hi @michaeleze3

As well as Nalin’s comments (with which I agree) there are a couple of other things I note.

  • Your resume would benefit from a general English edit. Your written English is great, but a few little mistakes have sneaked in. Correcting them will make the finished product a bit more professional.
  • UX recruitment is all about your portfolio – prospective employers will want to see your process documented. I’d work on that and have a link to your resume on there.

Glad to help :slight_smile: