Responsive Design


Currently, i am working on developing the UX for different viewports.
People talk about breakpoints. I guess responsive should be the fluid layouts and not dependent on breakpoints. What say?


They do should be fluid, but if the view port changes much, the layout will “break”/ look bad, for instance:

You start designing with mobile first in mind, so you set the image to be 100% wide, and it works well in a 320px wide screen. You stretch the screen to 720px and the image still looks good at 100% width, but after that the image starts to look too big, so you create a breakpoint at “min-width 720px” and change the image width to be 50%.

Making everything work without breakpoints is often possible, but generally not optimal and definitely not worth the headache.


as I see it, the UX is related to how user interacts with your product in general.
The goal should be to provide a seamless UX regardless of the device, the connection and the user agent.

Having said that it is necessary to reckon with the skills and opportunities we have available to build and maintain the product.

RWD is something that needs a serious investment in the design phase and even more serious invesitment during the developing and Maintenance phases.

Before deciding which way to go we should answer some questions:

-Do we design according Mobile First approach?
-How we design the solution based on RWD?
-Do we rely on a specific framework (for example bootstrap)?
-If you follow that logic of this framework?
-How much you customize the logic of the framework (for example by adding and / or removing a breakpoint)?
-What would it cost us to do everything “house made”?