Request for UX research portfolio review




I am a second-year Human Computer Interaction masters student. Before starting my masters I worked for two years as a UX designer. Now after my masters I want to transition to a UX Research role. Would love to hear your feedback on how can I tailor to UX Researcher position? Also, it would be really nice if you could share any advices or resources to prepare for a UX Researcher position.


I’m replying to this topic to bump it for you.

I called in a few community members that are researchers in the hope that they would offer some advice but I guess everyone is pretty busy!


Thank you Hawk for noticing this. I hope someone gets time to give constructive feedback and help me improve. I am currently applying for position and feedback would be valuable.


Hi, I do not myself one, but was asked to provide one in last job interview - I kind of pilled up some articles that could be relevant, I’ll get back to you - unfortunately, I can not help in the process as I should myself build my own but I can surely share some thoughts.


Hi Marion, actually sharing the resources that you used for UX research interview would be a great help too. I am still studying in the school; so it’s very hard to get an idea of what is out there? :slight_smile: