Remote Card Sorting Recommendations


I have a quick question about whether you’ve ever undertaken a remote card sorting exercise, and if so who you’d recommend?

A lot of the providers I’ve come across either only provide the sorting mechanism itself, without access to a user-base, or provide it as part of a bigger plan with a large monthly cost.


I use OptimalSort all the time for this. You can pay by study if you don’t want to pay for a regular plan. You can pay extra for them to recruit users.

Is that what you are looking for?

  • vote for Optimal Sort. I set up my survey in there and blasted it to my hand-picked list of qualified participants using Mailchimp or something. I can’t really speak to Optimal’s user base access feature.


I also used it in a similar way except I already had people I needed to send it to. For my purposes it was free.