Registration with Chat-bot


Hi everyone,

I’m new so, tell me, if is not a good place for this question.
What do you think about registration with chat-bot?
Do you know some applications with that form of creating an account?
I work with that case, for now, I do benchmark but it’s not easy to find examples.
The best example which I found is Zova



hi @awojtowicz992
that’s an interesting topic for me, I’m actually working on a robo-financial-advisory project.
During the first part of this project, we thought of an onboarding process based on the bot system.
In the end, we decided that was too much and we opted for a super basic process for the initial step (the registration to the service and the first login).
We designed a robo-based process for the next steps to allow the user to be guided in collecting the necessary information to start doing some task within the app.

I’m curious about your project, can u share more with us?



We have a normal registration but we want to try with chat-bot. We are at the initial stage of work on this.
For me, it can work, but I have doubt about creating a password in this form of registration.
Zova applications have nice registration with chat-bot but don’t have creating a password, they have OTP via email.


well, I asked to share more to better understand the scenario you’re dealing with (eg e-commerce, fintech, welath etc).
In my opinion, the feature itself (the chat-bot) is great, what you should evaluate is:

  • what’s the value for the user compared with a standard and usable registration process?
  • how much does it cost in terms of development and maintenance?
  • how scalable is this pattern if there will be a need for another product or a different version of the product itself?

Of course, to find out the proper answers to these questions a teamwork is mandatory. You need the support of product people and engineers to properly evaluate the solution