Quick resume & portfolio question


Resume: Should our resume showcase our design skills? Or should it be purely informational and leave the design showcase to the portfolio?

Portfolio: I’ve looked at a lot of portfolios and a staple is “my role” for group projects. Let’s say that you just did user research and prototyping, should you just show that? Or should you show (or mention) the other steps you didn’t work on that led you to the decisions in your prototype?

Thanks so much!!


My opinion is that your resume should be a very brief one-pager that outlines relevant experience and lists skills.

Your portfolio should demonstrate those skills (and not necessarily visual design skills).

I don’t think there are rules here. Mention whatever you need to in order to make the case-study useful and readable.

I’ve called in @joenatoli for his thoughts here. He’s the portfolio guru.


To add to what HAWK said, your resume should be informational. Some Automated Tracking Systems for resumes will throw out anything that is not black and white and traditional.