Psd Iphone Mockup


Hi all. I’m having a problem designing the layout of my designs to upload on my website. Although I designed apps before I’ve never done the layout myself and I’m clearly terrible at it. I downloaded a few psd iphone mockups (photorealistic ones). When I wanted to place the phone screen (the app frames i designed) on the mockup I realized I had no clue about how to use them. The screen of the mockup works as a mask I suppose but I couldn’t figure out how to place mine on it. Help please. Thanks.


Hey there,
Welcome! Ah yup, hearing you. Photoshop can be a very confusing beast. I reckon that after many years of working with it, I still only use 5%.
It depends on how the templates are set up, but this tutorial might be helpful. If not, [URL=“”]this very simple tutorial on clipping masks probably will (it’s very old, but should still give you the idea).

If you’re still stuck, feel free to get back to us. Nothing worse than not being able to progress with a project.


Awesome!!! I’ll try them. If I cannot do it after the tutorials I’ll ask for help again. Thanks a lot.


If the templates are created correctly, there should be a smart object layer. Double clicking on that layer image icon should open an embedded photoshop file. Drop your mock into that space and save. When you go back to your original image the mocked interface should be perfectly positioned in the comp.