Post Launch Analysis

Hi everyone. I havent introduced myself yet. I’m a UX /UI Designer hailing form sunny Sydney, Australia. I’ve been working as a UX-team-of-one on a big client as part of their website refresh where I conducted some initial testing with treetesting, UX breakdown, persona creation and strategy, wireframes and prototypes on a whole IA / layout refresh and launch.
It has been a successful project so far with a happy client. Goal completions on most services have been up since launch however the 3 main products/services the client offers and focuses on are suffering from a drastic drop in CTR from the CTA resulting in a drop in goal completions compared to prelaunch.

My question to the UX community here is - what can I do to find out what is going on?
The tools I have at my disposal are heatmaps, user session recordings and google analyitcs. I can also conduct another tree test although I’m unsure if that will do. I am seeing some friction and load issues with these pages however they can’t acocunt for the massive drop (up to 80% for one product compared to prelaunch). I don’t necessarily have a post-launch testing plan. What would you do in this isutation? What tools would you use and how.

Edit: I forgot to menttion that there’s been a big increase on the time sepnt on these pages that look very odd going from a minute to now up to 30+ minutes - though this is not common, it’s something I ahvent seen before.
Help needed! :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention the current numbers are from one month before new site launch and one month after new site launch

This definitely sounds weird. Could you impliment an exit intent survey to see why people are leaving?

Hi @SHAWK thanks for your response
I believe with the service we are using I could. I’m not sure whether they are leaving the page or just not completing the forms - some forms are in pages some are modals. Would it be as simple as asking: Why did you decide to not proceed?

Im not a @Researchers so let’s see what they say, but yeah, that’s what I’d do.

hi @jdebari thank you for your help! When looking at where people are focusing their attantion what exactly would I be looking for if I want to see if this is affecting users completing forms?

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Awesome advice. Thank you. Hope to update with my method and results once approved by the team.