Please give me some harsh feedback on my portfolio



As a young UX designer and started to looking for opportunity. Would you consider to hire me with this portfolio for Junior UX designer role? I would love to hear harsh feedback.
Portfolio here


Hi Simon,
Good on you!

First impression – I like the clean simplicity.

I think the quickest and easiest improvement that you could make would be to get someone to do an English edit for you. You are communicating your message well, but there are some basic mistakes that could be quickly sorted.

Your projects are clearly laid out and I love how you describe your process, but some of the sections feel a bit light.

There are a few strange layout inconsistencies in your travel app project that make it a bit hard to follow (the personas section in particular).

In summary – this has great bones but could do with some refining. 2 projects is a bit light also, but it’s a start. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback Hawk.
I’ll go back and fix it. Do you consider to hire someone as a Jr UX designer with this portfolio?


I’m the wrong person to ask TBH. I’ve never had to put together a UX team. Let’s see who else jumps in. :slight_smile:


I spotted this too and think it would be a very quick may to make the portfolio much stronger.

In terms of the projects it’s nice to see your thought process and see the project from initial sketches to finla design.

One area I think possibly needs improving is the résumé. I feel the information hierarchy needs a bit of work, maybe bring the skills higher up and highlight them further. The actual information there is good, it was just a bit of work to pull the information I was looking for as a potential employer.

It’s certainly a very nice portfolio that would stand up well against other potential Junior UX candidates.


Hi jacquidow,
It’s always glad to have the feedback from an experienced designer. I do really appreciate your comments on my portfolio. I did care so much about the UX process on my projects, but I totally forget about my resume. Thank for your highlight it on that too. Please don’t heritage to give me more feedback if you think I can improve better in other areas. I am always willing to learn from the mistakes and try to improve myself as a UX designer.


I’d agree with the above - I also noted particularly a few spelling mistakes.

One other tip is the resume should be in HTML first with the option for a PDF download.

On the 'Travel app down the bottom you use ‘and so forth’ I would be specific and not assume to much of the reader. the only other thing I would suggest is looking at outcomes and impact of the work you have done. Demonstrate its value to the client.

Also this field is about strengths and weaknesses. No-one is a total unicorn. I would start outlining where you want your career to progress and outline where your stronger skills are.

Hope that helps and all the best. I think it is a great start. Just needs some focus.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback Mr.Andrew
It’s really helpful for me.


I love the simplicity of your site. Its clean and easy to navigate.

I think you could make your contact page and form a little more personal with some nice text or a photo maybe?

I’m a junior too so I don’t have the experience the others in here do, however I hope I’ve helped a little :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Hi Gracie_gadston1
Thank you for the positive and encouragement feedback. Welcome to the UX Mastery. Yes, I’m a junior too. Try to fix my portfolio as much as I could to have a chance for an employment opportunity.


Well, if you have any chance, i’d love to hear what you have to say on my recent case study? I’m trying to reach out to a larger audience by not using jargon, but I think I have made it slightly confusing in areas as the app I am working on is confusing in its self! :slight_smile:

If you have the time, it would be great. No worries if not!


Hi @gracie_gadston1 acie_gadston1
This is very impressive. I’d like the process and that you are showing step by step :thumbsup: But I’m just curious about Persona part. Since the app is social media app, do you consider for secondary? Overall it’s great!


Sorry for the super late reply!
You’re totally right. I need two personas as there are at least two type of user motives. However, unfortunately the company were not big on these being created and more interested in the UI side.
Thanks so much for reading and taking your time!

Grace x