Please give me some feedback on my portfolio



Hi everyone, I am recently preparing my portfolio and looking for a UI or UX design job. Can I have any feedback from you guys? Any comments and critics would be helpful. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


No problem.

First up, it’s beautiful. I enjoyed exploring the site. You’ve done a brilliant job of documenting your process.

A couple of things of note:

  • The first carousel in CoCook goes too fast to read each slide.
  • There are a couple of typos. IDETION should be IDEATION. MORE WORKS should be MORE WORK.
  • The More Work heading confused me a bit because it looks like a button. Then I realised that I need to click the links below, but the UX one shows me the same work I’d already looked at.
  • I love the one page downloadable resume.
  • I enjoyed learning a bit about you in your About statement. It is a good balance of personal and professional.

You’ve done a great job. Nice work.


@yangz2, I agree with @HAWK, it’s beautiful.

I’m not a designer so take that for what it’s worth. Anyone, please feel free to correct me.

  • At the start, instead of having, ‘For many Students’, I would put, ‘For many students’. I consider students to be a common noun which means it should only be capitalised at the start of a sentence. Also, please note, I’m from Australia so perhaps some of what I have learnt might not apply to you e.g. American spelling is capitalized. :wink:

  • I agree with @HAWK, the first carousel is too fast for me. The second one was too fast as well. You might want to check all of them just in case.

  • I would put ‘Cooking needs more time’ rather than ‘Cooking need more time’. Ah sorry I can’t think of what the proper English rule is. But I think I’m right.

  • What do you think of splitting up the How it works section rather than have it in one paragraph? So I kindly suggest this as an alternative:

  1. Several people form a group and order meal plans on CoCook platform.
  2. Then, they receive the pre-portioned ingredients from a nearby grocery supplier and the recipes from the platform.
  3. Each member takes a turn cooking and delivering meals once for the whole group. The simplified recipe would shorten the cooking time, and people would eat healthier.
  • I’m not an expert so I don’t know if I’m supposed to be able to read the personas, customer journey map etc. However, I’m using Firefox and I can’t read it. Perhaps, you might consider the ability to launch a larger image when the user clicks on those hard to read images.

  • I truly do not mean to be rude to you as I can’t even speak or write in another language (okay maybe a little German). You are definitely more accomplished than I am. I also don’t know how important spelling etc. is considering I pretty much understand what you are saying anyway. However, I would suggest perhaps finding someone to proof read your website for grammatical and spelling errors. We are all human and I think a lot of native English speakers can be challenged by the strange and wonderful rules of the English language as well. So perhaps, if you can find someone who has something like a proper Cambridge TEFL certification to check through your website, they might have a good eye for picking up errors.

I have to get going but I noticed the word, ‘received’ spelt as ‘recieved’. Here’s a rule that has helped me:

‘I’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’.

Oh and perhaps I shouldn’t be putting those letters in ’ '. :hushed:

Overall, great job!


@HAWK Thank you so much for the advice. I have turned off the autoplay of the carousels. It should be easier to read. For “More Work” section, I chenged the title to “Please check all of the projcts:.” In addition, I will check spelling and grammar again. There might be other imstakes. Thanks again. It is really helpfull.


@talkinghead Thanks for the suggestions, they are very valuable.

I agree each of your points. The carousels were modified. I also splitted up the “How it works” section. It is clearer now. I see the problems of what you said about the personas and journey map. I can add a lightbox to show the bigger image.

My native language is Chinese. So it needs some effort to improve English. But I am getting better. Thanks for the suggestion of proofreading. I will definitely do that.:grin:


@yangz2, no problem, I’m glad it can help. I haven’t looked through everything at this stage though.

Ah, so I assume Mandarin. I really should learn it. Please don’t think your English is bad. I can understand what you are trying to say. However, if you can improve your website and it gives you a better chance of success then I think proofreading is a step in the right direction. All the best! :grinning:


This thread makes me happy. I don’t have anything to offer for the design but I wanted y’all to know that I appreciate the way y’all are interacting.

(Y’all is ‘American’ for “you all”) :sunglasses:


@Piper_Wilson Hi Piper, I am glad to find this place that I can ask for a help when I am having a hard time on preparing my portfolio for a job. Thank y’all for building such a space which gathers brilliant members. :smiley: