Photo, or no photo?


For Chat UI–should I the user, see my own photo in chats? I can’t find a reason to show it because I know who I am and what I look like. But I still see this being done across many UI. Does anyone have any strong opinions about this?


I have a pet hate that is related to this and that is when people use one internet photo from 10 years ago that made them look great but isn’t actually what they look like at all. Then you meet them IRL at a conference and it’s… awkward.

I was talking about this to someone recently who called me a hypocrite because my [insert interface that I can’t remember here] photo is one that was taken 5 or 6 years (and 2 or 3 hairstyles) ago. I had no idea, because you never see that picture.

So I guess my feeling is yes – it is helpful to be reminded of what you’re putting out there for the world to see.


@HAWK but even in a chat? A forum is kinda different.


Hmmmm, I’d expect to yeah.


With how many apps people are using for communication these days, I find it really helps me to recognize which of my avatars / pictures I am using on a given app. I use 4 different messenger apps for different things.

Even though we are used to the convention of “my text aligns right, theirs align left”, I feel like it might still useful for people who aren’t as well-versed in apps and computers as I am to have their own identity in that conversation confirmed.


Prefer Photo, just more colorful and always a pleasure to see the photo I choose which is def a photo I love.