One Page Theme vs. Multi-Page Theme

Hi y’all,
I’ve been working on a self-education project for a little while now…

When I first started I was looking at one page themes, mainly because they appealed to me… but after some initial research and conversations I moved away from them for that particular site. I don’t think one page themes offer the sort of usability that a site on the subject of usability should offer! Please correct me if you think I’m wrong of course.

What I’d like to get now is all of your valuable opinions on one page themes. I’m thinking of creating another WP site which will be a personal site for blog, pictures, and general stuff. I’ve been looking at two themes specifically…

Jarvis -…kNRollaDesigns

Brooklyn -…r=UnitedThemes

So, what do you think of one page themes… and what have you heard from others? Personal opinions, generalised opinions, I’m not fussy. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve been looking at this a bit recently. I becoming a fan of the one page sites. The better designed websites I’ve come across recently tended to be one pagers.
There are a few things to think about for users however. If the site is very content heavy, its a challenge to allow user to always know where they are, and how to navigate around.

I also think one page themes work better on mob/tablet devices where scrolling rather than clicking is the more common way to navigate.

Of the two you have selected I’m more impressed with the ‘Jarvis’ theme. This site is more engaging, and for me the typography works much better. I try them out on a few different devices, phone, tablet, phablet etc and see how they work. Even get a few mates to try them and do a wee user test session.

Good website, also gonna look at it over the weekend.


If you’re doing 1-page, make sure the navigation to get to one section or another is easy to access, not something that forces the user to kick to the top of the page every single time.

Thanks for the feedback. I was also leaning towards Jarvis. Decisions, decisions…