Needed: UX designer for article writing task (20)




Second post to the community. Looking for someone to write 20 articles (800 - 1200 words) covering various UX techniques along with lo-fi sketches as part of an instructional booklet. Of course, this is a paid task, so happy to discuss. Delivery is negotiable but firm once mutually agreed.

Will likely have more of the same work immediately after completion so looking for ongoing ad hoc relationship.

Please message me if you’re skilled and available for this type of task?

Moderator, if this is an inappropriate post, please feel free to delete.

Thanks for your help!



I shot you an e-mail-- let me know your thoughts.


Nope, it’s all good.


I would be interested in discussing contributing to this effort. I have extensive UX experience, and come from a background in experimental psychology and human factors. Let me know what channels would be most appropriate for us to communicate and we can continue the conversion.

Look forward to hearing from you,


@bjcrawford2002, I wouldn’t hold your breath. I don’t think anyone who’s reached out to @hello01 has actually heard anything back.


Hi Billy,
Apologies, I’m not sure why I never got the email responses to this thread.


Hi Doug,
Apologies, I’m not sure why I never got the email responses to this thread - assumed no one was responding…


Strange indeed! I’ve checked the logs and they were definitely sent.