Need help for project Ui



Hey there

I’m very new to ui/ux design and is currently working on my second job. this job is a shopping list app.
My problem is that I have no idea how I could design this app. The customer has requestet that it should find inspiration in the project “DreamList”( I hope that someone can help me with some ideas I would be very grateful.

Hope you can help.


What have you learned from your first job?
What are the main topics/steps to start with when you approach a new project?

Let’s start from here to make us able to help/support you


Are there any defined requirements for this app? Alarm bells if not. But sometimes clients like to have something visual in front of them to talk about. If this is the case, then maybe you can start with some basics.

You have a list that your customer has identified. Maybe as a start, you could go through the list of examples and perform a competitor benchmarking exercise? What are the components that this app must have? What do the best examples for the masthead/header have in common? What do the best examples do well?

Then you could start thinking about certain areas could be improved? What would differentiate your app from the rest? This will hopefully uncover questions for your customer to answer. A shopping list is vague and you will need a clearer steer before you start jumping into wireframes/designs


Try and find out what the client likes about the DreamList app. It’s just two screens with visuals. There is no actual UX shown.
As other people have said, you need to know the functionality the app needs. You need to know the target audience and their needs and goals.
Right now you don’t have anything to work with.