Need help! Course / Certification recommendations

Hi everyone,

I am a seasoned UX/UI professional and looking advance my skills and get certified. Can anyone recommend an online UX/UI course / certification? Can be free or paid. Thanks in advance!

Hi Vlad! I’d be happy to speak a little on behalf of my own experience in a UX bootcamp.

I’m currently taking an online UX Design bootcamp with Springboard. I’ve been enrolled since September 2019, and I should be finished by this April or May. The main thing that attracted me to Springboard was definitely their career services, job guarantee, and mentorship.

I personally don’t qualify for the job guarantee, unfortunately, because I live outside the US, but for someone who’s looking to work in a metropolitan area they do offer it. And they’ve still given me access to all the career resources and have helped me look for remote opportunities instead. I can schedule unlimited calls with professional career coaches who give me advice on where to look for opportunities, how to highlight my skills on LinkedIn, interview prep, etc.

In terms of the mentorship, this has been really helpful for me because I have a lot of questions about my projects, and my mentor always gives me feedback. The mentors have years of experience in UX, so they should be able to answer your questions about projects, applications, and the industry itself!

I know that taking courses online might not be for everyone, since you do have to motivate yourself to dedicate the time to studying, but I think this course is a really good option for someone who wants to get their foot in the door with UX, and also to help create a portfolio which you can demonstrate for job positions you’re applying for. I’d especially recommend it if you qualify for the job guarantee, or if you’d like to take advantage of the career services.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Genevieve,

Thanks for your reply!

So my story is a bit different, I used to be a Web Designer and in the past few years transitioned into a role of a UX/UI designer at my company where I am working for about 9 years. So I am not currently looking for a job.

I never had a formal education in UX/UI so always wonder if I am missing knowledge that can help my company (Fluent) suceed even further. Fluent have just recently relized the importance of UX in product development, which netted millions in extra revenue.

I was looking for a fairly quick (2-3 months) course + certification to sharpen my skills.

Thanks again and good luck to you once you are ready to join the work force!


PS. I wonder how they can guarantee a job, nothing is certain in this crazy world.