Need advice on job hunting?

Hi all,

I have been on the job-hunt trail for almost 3 months now but I have not found a job that makes me say, “This is it!”. I wanted to post my journey and get some feedback.

About me:
Worked as a software developer for 7+ years before switching to UX. I learnt through many online and offline courses. Polished my resume and portfolio with self-initiated projects and hit the road.

Things I have done to reach out to recruiters

  • Job boards like LinkedIn.

  • Attend local meet-ups, interact with people and apply for companies that have a UX opening

  • Reach out to hiring managers and design leads in companies I am interested through LinkedIn/email.

Feedback I received till date

  • My resume is too ‘techie’ - I understand the skepticism for a hiring manager. But I have included a section about my UX work. And also attach a cover letter for each job. If I remove all experience related to coding, it would look like a fresher.

  • My portfolio doesn’t have any ‘real projects’ - again without a formal education or experience the projects I undertook are self-initiated. But I have explained my thought process clearly in each case study. (

Despite these challenges I have received callbacks from some companies.

  • Some asked me to do design challenges and rejected even without an explanation. On checking with peers they said, it is good enough to qualify for the first round. I have stopped entertaining this and insist on portfolio walkthrough for first round of discussion.

  • Offered roles in startups that include UX, visual design and a bit Project Management. I declined as it is too many things at once. At this point I want to learn and become a ‘good designer’ first.

I am more interested in research and interaction design and less on visual design. Lot of jobs club them both. While I know the basics and create decent mockups, I would not call myself an expert on color theory or typography. Since UX is a nascent industry in India, this is severely limiting the jobs I apply to.

Apart from a full time gig, I tried to pick up some freelance projects and faced the same issues as most were insisting on visual design as well. I also applied for a couple of ‘remote jobs’ for companies from US but no luck there as well.

I seem to have tried all possible options. I would like to know if I have missed any or should I change my perspective and pick up some other skills.


Thank you for sharing your journey. It sounds rough, but you sound tenacious and I have faith you’re going to come across your, “This is it!” Soon.

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Thanks @Piper_Wilson. I am looking forward to learn from what other people who have taken similar journeys and hopefully find the missing link!

Hey man,

A couple of thoughts:

  • Are you setting your standards to high with the “this is it!” mentality? Nothing is ever perfect. Are there jobs you could take or clients you could work with that are “good enough”, and will help you learn new skills and get more experience within UX? Maybe that’s something to think about. Success is rarely a straight path, so sometimes you gotta detour, hustle and pivot a little bit.

  • On the portfolio: Is there a way you can humanise it and overcome the “it’s too technical” objection? Maybe show or highlight more how you’ve worked as part of a team or group? (Photos?) or how you’ve emphasised with users more, rather than just providing solutions? You could also think about starting a blog or Medium to verbalise your UX thoughts/skills etc? This would build a bit more proof and authority for people viewing your folio.

Hope that helps :sunglasses: