Navigation concerns (help)


A new site is about to launch, and suddenly the editorial team decide this is a great time to change the top level navigation…

We currently have “Share your data” and “Use our data” - The former link is a place where we explain the benefits of ingesting the data from your gallery, library or museum into my company site, and a form to do that. The latter is an area which is showing examples and case studies of how the data has been used, it is also an entry point for project managers who may want to learn more about the API and what can be done, but is not overly technical.

The editorial team want to replace those two points with “Provide your data” and “Share your data” - I’m really concerned about the two suggestions - provide and share sound like they are from the same family to me, and I wonder if it will be even more confusing.

Any thoughts?


They sound like they’re the same thing and don’t indicate to me what I could expect to find after clicking on them. I think there is more value in sticking with what you currently have (if you can) because they communicate the intent behind each section more clearly.

Also, what is their reasoning for wanting to change the names?


I totally agree. They are ambiguous and almost interchangeable in that context. I’m also curious to hear the rationale behind the desire to change from what you already have, which actually does make sense to me.