My UX stack



Hey fellow UXers,

Recently I saw on a YouTube channel where the reviewer shows off people’s work stacks - a summary of everything they use for their job. I thought of giving this a try.

In the picture below I’ve lined up all the tools I use everyday for work and leisure.


  1. MBP 15 - Mid 2015 version - the workhorse
  2. iPhone 6S Plus 128 gigs
  3. A sharpie and a highlighter/sketch pens - must have tools in my arsenal
  4. A Kindle Paperwhite 6 - for all the heavy reading
  5. A book from the library, preferably ones with lots of photographs - I get these for design inspiration
  6. Some stickies - well, the must haves along with the sharpie
  7. The Jaybird X2 - classical music gets my thoughts flowing, I have these and stare at my wall of stickies

Additionally, I have a 1 TB external hard drive which I use to keep a backup of all my work.

What do you use as part of your everyday setup?
I’d love to see all of your setups as well.


Love this idea! :slight_smile:

Here is my desk (the one at the far end – the awfully messy one is my boyfriends).

Like you I have post-its, a marker, and a Mac. I also have a monitor and a whiteboard.


that’s brilliant!
We often ask our test users to send us pics of their work environment.
I never thought to collect designer desks as well :slight_smile:

this is how my desk looks today: