"My UX career allowed me to move across the world" : Ask Me Anything

Next up in our Slack channel we’re talking careers, apprenticeships and taking risks to get where you want to go.

Heather Wydeven knows all about going outside your comfort zone to achieve things you want to achieve. In thi session, Heather will answer your questions about getting your UX career off the ground.

So here are the session details:

Where: Our dedicated ‘Ask Heather’ Slack channel
When: 4pm Wednesday 1 June PDT or 9am Thursday 2 June AEST (or find out what time that is for you)
NOTE: To join the session, you will need to request an invite to our Slack channel. (This takes about 1 minute.)

You can find out more about Heather and the session here.

Ping @chrisux – this is the session relating to apprenticeships/internships that I mentioned last week.

I saw that. Thanks.

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