Moving to UX from programming


I have 3 years’ experience in software development, and have done my post-grad in IT. I am on a career break (maternity) right now, but I plan to start work next year. I want to move to UX design, and want to use this 1 year to develop my skills, and get hands-on (as much as possible) with the process. I want to know how can I go about doing this. It’ll be good to have some pointers to an online course, to begin with.


Hi @shikha_rihani,
I transitioned over from being a programmer as well.
The first book that I read that started me down this path was this one. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t yet.
For courses, the most common platforms are good enough to begin with, like Coursera, or Lynda. A friend of mine started with and recommends it.
Also, check out local UX meetups on for hands-on projects, and connecting with others. There are also UX competitions in such events that can give some real world experience.
Hope this helps.


I’m taking the Career Foundry UX course right now and before that I did the $50 UX training from David Travis on Udemy.


Thanks a lot @enlightened_06 and @SteveCrow. Will check out the courses mentioned by you. I guess I’ll have my hands full for the next couple of months at least :slight_smile:


Hi @shikha_rihani – welcome on board.

I have taken many online UX courses and have reviewed them here.
I recently wrote an article pulling together all of the conversations and advice about UX training that came out of the community.

@AshleaMcKay recently wrote a review on Colman Walsh’s courses and she was really impressed. (There is a discount code for UX Mastery members in that article.)

I know that @chrisux has taken a few courses and has some opinions that would be valuable to hear.

That should give you somewhere to start!