Mouse-hover effect to change colour of icons

Hello there,

I would like to highlight the icons in my current design whenver a mouse hover takes place.

Any help please?


I might not fully understand your question so here are multiple questions/answers.

Design-wise: What design tool are you using? I would just test it in Codepen.

If it’s code-wise: Do you have a link or CodePen which you can share with us? If you’re using FontAwesome icons or SVG images you could just change the color on hover, don’t forget to add a transition.



Theank you sandervolbeda for your reply.

I am using Adobe XD for making mockups. Problem is mouse hover functionality does not work in Adobe XD. Is there any plugins or alternative solution?

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Currently there is no such functionality and/or plugin for Adobe xD which I’m aware of.

Please upvote the functionality request at the Adobe forum.

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Thank You.

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in hover effect in XD. You’ve got 3 options:

1. Click between artboards

Create a second artboard with the hover effect on it and then add a hidden button that switches between the artboards when you click on it. Like this:

2. Show an example hover as a static element in your design

Add the colour change and a graphic of a pointer to show it’s a hover state. Like this:


3. Import your XD designs into another prototyping tool such as Axure that supports hover states


thank you for your suggestion. I could not grasp the second example suggested by you. Could you please elaborate it a bit?

Here’s the XD file:

You add an image of a pointer to your design and then change the text colour to show how the rollover will work. It’s not interactive but demonstrates to a viewer how the colour will change.

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Thank you so much. have a good day.:grinning: