Mobile usability testing: What do you use?



What hardware/software do you use for mobile usability testing?



Thanks Hawk!
Is there any software that you would recommend as well? Popular ones seems to be: Reflector, Magitest. Not looking for a one-stop-solution, more wondering which ones are more popular and why.


Reflector is popular because you can share any device to the screen, what you don’t get is the touch marks and the interactions with the application, which is why many love things like Mr.tappy above. Which if needing a more affordable option, I have developed a bit of a hack for it to get a mobile recording device for about $100-150.

My colleague just shared with me yesterday, we were playing around with it, and it’s pretty nice. You just need your participant to download the lookback app to participate in your study. It records the mic and the video off the screen and seems to record touch points on the screen.


hey, how’s it going?

Today i did a usability test course here in Brazil, and it was very cool, i have learned so much.
And a cool thing that i got was a tool named “LookBack” it’s amazing and the best part , it’s really inexpensive :slight_smile:

You simply must take a look at this tool, but it only work in IOS for mobile and OS X for Desktop.



I’ve used and app called ‘record’ on my iphone and then recorded the screen as user use our InVision prototype.

Worked quite well, recorded location of taps.

Down size is that the app itself uses some of the screen real estate, to not a true experience.

But it worked fine.



We do a similar process. We use InVision prototypes and Validately to record.



Hope all is well.

I think you might find UXRecord interesting as well.

You can record video from both the app’s screen and what the user tester says and his face while he/she tests your app.

Also you can have an aggregated look of all taps and see it as a heatmap of the screen(s).

And because you can invite different collaborators (such as developers, testers, PMs etc) you can more easily collaborate across roles.

Hope this helps you :wink:


Say for example, someone taps a symbol that isn’t a link, would UXRecord track this? Allowing you to reduce user frustration.


Hello David, yes. It tracks taps anywhere on the app’s screen regardless if there’s a link there or not.


I’m a big fan of validatley for remote testing and use lookback for any local testing on devices, it’s great for the money and has some good features