Media Gallery format for Admin webapp



Hi everyone !

I’m completly new here so hope I’m in the good category.

Usually I know exactly what I want for my UX but this time, I’m a bit confused so I asked your opinion !
For a web application design to administrate a flood of content from a simple website, I need to implement a system of “pending media” which put some media (photo, video) that are considered suspicious by our AI in a pending category.
Then, an administrator needs to mark the media as “safe” to finally make it readable by users.

So my first was to have a single area for each type of media with a small gallery in it (like in the picture below) and a filter that will select only one type of media and auto-resize the fit of the area.

But It seems very “loud” to put all into a single page like that.

So I have tried to use a masonry grid view with isotope to filter and, then, have all in one page but with a better filtering and a loading of media with ajax when the admin hit the end of the page + a simple JS gallery when clickin on a media (screens also below, basic design juste for testing)

What do you think about it?

Thanks !


hi @foerster_nathan

I think that your wireframe fits the needs you described :slight_smile:

I don’t think that the page is overloaded by the content because, if I well understood, you will provide a kind of TAB navigation such “all, videos, comments, pictures” with a default value (I guess it will be “All”).
It will be up to the user to decrease the amount of content to work with by selecting the desired category.

Just for my curiosity:

  • how many items, on the average, the user has to manage and
  • on which basis she/he will clean this stuff up?
  • is the web app designed for being responsive to the touch devices?


If I’m understanding your question correctly, I have to say that I don’t think your first iteration is too loud. I suppose it could be loud if ALL of the images, comments and videos are crammed onto the page but, if all you show are those active ones and then have a queue of waiting ones, I think it’s okay.

That was a really loooong sentence. Did it make sense? Also, if I didn’t understand your question, feel free to ignore me. :wink:


Thanks for your feedback !

Yep, there’re filter on top of the page for each solution.
I though the overloading (this is clearly the word I was searching :p) of the first solution was that, even with TAB button filter, the page will always be full (if no media, blank area will still be there) and navigate through a specific type of media without filtering will be difficult.
For now, I think second solution is more user-friendly by allowing the user to directly work without probleme with the default filter (honnestly, it is almost impossible without clicking somewhere with the first one)

  • Number of Media will grow depending on the serious of our users (it’s a bird app, normally serious people but rule number one : never trust the user :p) so almost unpredictable :confused:
  • It will be the choice of admin but I guess one check a week is great
  • It is designed for yes


Thanks for your feedback too !

Of course, data will be loaded asynchronously, using some king of magic scroll JS plugin I guess (so not really a queue, load when user hit the end of the scroll)
It make sense yep, thank you !