Master thesis experiment about UX - please participate! (

Hey folks,

I am writing my master thesis right now and therefore I am conducting an experiment in UX.
Since it is an experiment, I cannot really tell you more to reduce your bias.
I hope it is okay to ask if you may contribute to my master thesis.
What you have to do will be explained in the topic-link.

In short: I build a fictional online shop on which you have to "fake"buy a hoodie. Afterwards you will be forwarded to a survey.
Takes you 10 minutes, top!
If any questions occur, feel free to use this post!
Thank you in advance,


It’s hard to click the link in the topic. It would be better to have a clearer title and the link in the post.

Thank you for the hint. I tried including it in the post, but it won’t allow any URLs in the post somehow.

Further I adapted the topic - thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe because it was your first post? Try adding a comment after mine with the URL. I have to manually type in the URL otherwise and that’s a lot of work. :grinning:

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Here’s the URL for others:

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I have an out of the topic question,
Can you tell me about your master degree?

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