Looking for some portfolio feedback



I’d really appreciate some portfolio feedback. You can find it here.

I’m completely new to UX, coming from a web design/front-end dev background, so I’ll go ahead and say that my work is a little light on UX deliverables at the moment, so I’ve just tried to explain my decisions as best I can in their absence. I am working on it though and I have a couple more projects in the works that will illustrate my process a lot better.

Take a look though and let me know what you think and where I can improve.

Thanks in advance,

Eddie :slight_smile:


Hey Eddie,

I’ll take a look at this for you tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Hi Eddie,
Sorry it took me so long to get to this.

Here you go:

First impression is good. The design is clean and intuitive, there isn’t an overwhelming amount of information and it was easy to find what I needed.

Your base font size is a bit small and your body content on the About page could be a bit darker for readability.

I like the personal story that you’ve added, it helps to feel a connection.

Same issue as above with the font size in your portfolio, but you’ve done a solid job of documenting your process. If anything, you could add a bit more in the way of annotation, and flesh out your learnings and/or mistakes made.

All in all though, I like it. :slight_smile:


Hey Hawk, thanks very much for your feedback. I’m delighted to say I’ve actually landed a UX position since posting this, so someone else obviously liked it too! :slight_smile:


That is fantastic news. Congratulations – love a good success story.
When do you start?


I started on Tuesday, so I just finished up my first week. Still settling in obviously but enjoying it so far and looking forward to the challenge!


@eddie : I love this color selection. But UX is not good from my point of view. Like Button positions , button color over header image. some of alignment etc…


Hey there @rsanepara ,
We love feedback, but if you could be more specific it would be much more valuable. e.g. what is it about the button positions that doesn’t work for you, what don’t you like about the button colour etc? :slight_smile:


@HAWK @eddie :slight_smile: -Too much space between 2 buttons. Make it centralized or less space around 20-50 pixel. So much space bring gap of time to move cursor 1 to another. This will make less sense.
-Transparency create confusion. Dark layer I do not like as it create difficulty in reading. Also hover effect does not make any sense as it do not help to read button text clearly.

  • If you select dark background than make it with white font and more darker, so user can read it clearly, This is UX. If your user understand what you write there.
  • Hover effect with fill color. & animate it with css animation. I do not have much time right now, actually busy in finding new job.
    Check my Photo Attached I give reference images.

Let me know if anything not clear or , I am on wrong direction.


Or Change background image. to suit your current button style :stuck_out_tongue: