Looking for a way of conducting usability tests in a non-intrusive manner

Hi! I’m studying Interaction Design in Dublin. I am planning on conducting usability tests but I can’t find what I am looking for. Do you know of an app or a method of streaming the video of the front camera of a mobile phone alongside with recording their screen. I’m looking to capture the participants facial expressions while they are testing, but I rather not use a sled and I cannot use a stationary external camera as the participant will have to be moving around the room.

The only thing I found that meets my needs is Lookback.io but it does not work well.

Any suggestions? :sweat_smile:

Thank you.

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Hi there,

Welcome to the community. I don’t know of any, but I’m bumping this thread up for you. I don’t want you to get lost.


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Calling @Researchers

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Lookback.io works really well when you are testing on a mobile. For desktop I like to use Silverback (Mac only) - once the recording starts it’s not very obtrusive. Having said that, be very clear before the testing that you are recording and what those recordings will be used for and who will be viewing them. I have a sheet that explains it in detail and I give participants time before the testing to read the information and sign and date that they understand. I always tell them before I start the recording. I also make sure participants know that if they want to be struck from the record, they can contact me and I will delete any record I have of their participation. I’ve never been asked to do that.


Thank you Piper!

Yeah, Lookback seems to be the only one I’ve found, but I have problems with it as it crashes on Androind and does not allow to record an app without installing an SDK into your app. Thank you for the advice, I’m currently preparing my recording consent form which states in clear language that the participant will be recording by audio and video. I’ll make sure to tell them before recording. Thank you :grinning:

I am currently using zoom for my interviews. You can record the sessions and get a transcript. However, the view of the participant will likely be like a thumbnail so getting the facial expressions may prove difficult.

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Hi @aaron_stites, thank you for your input! I’ve actually been using three cameras for recording my usability testing sessions. The participant is seated at a desk, on the desk, there is a laptop recording their face. Since we are testing an app, the participant will be using a smartphone. I have mounted a camera on the smartphone case that allows me to record the phone screen and the participant’s fingers. There is also a third camera, a Logitech C920 I believe. It records most of the room and captures the participants’ body language or anything else if they have to interact with objects outside of the mobile device.

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