Looking for a mentor in Mobile UX


I’m looking for a mentor who can share feedback on my self-learning assignment in mobile UX.


Hi ya,
I’ll make sure I do my best to send potential mentors your way, but in the interim, you might get a lot out of reading the chapter on mentoring in Matt & Luke’s ebook, if you haven’t already. I’d be happy to hook you up with a deal on it if you’re interested. If so, PM me.

If not, the gist of the chapter on mentoring is “You don’t have to formalise the relationship with your mentor or mentors, but you do have to get out there and get to know people, and let them get to know you. Coffee. Skype chats. Online forums like this one. After some time has passed, there might be a few folks who you feel like you can trust and you’re comfortable asking “can I get your advice on something?” Those people be default are your mentors, and you have to put effort into maintaining the relationship. And if it becomes too forced and isn’t working, let it go and seek to build a relationship with someone else.”

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: