Looking for a Mentor/Advice


Hi everyone

As you can guess from the title - I’m looking for a Mentor or just some advice on how to become an awesome designer. But first a little bit about myself.

I’m Sevi, 24, from Zurich. I have been trying to get my foot into UX/UI design since 2015. I have tried several online classes. Although I have learned a lot, they didn’t bring me any steps closer to my dream (I know, i know, I sound a bit dramatic but it’s truly my dream job). Here in Switzerland, at least it seems like it, they care a lot about formal education.

That’s why I have decided to get a formal degree, B.s. Product Design / Product Engineering and Psychology. I think it’s a great combination and foundation to become a really good out-of-the-box-thinking designer. But recruiters here disagree. I have applied for several internships, but have been rejected by all. Always with the same reasoning: They are looking for someone with a background in Interaction Design (obvi), Software Engineering, Graphic Design or Marketing.

Now I have reached a point where I feel discouraged and starting to doubt my decisions. Even though I love what I’m studying and still convinced to get a great foundation.

And now I’m looking for a “Mentor” or even just some advice on how to continue as I feel a bit lost at the moment. It’s not like I need someone to hold my hands along the way.:grinning: But just some guidance from someone who knows the industry and is excited about design and innovation.

I’m ridiculously grateful for any inputs. And I also apologise for the novel above ;).

(Oh, I have forgotten to mention that I have been working in IT and digital media companies since I’m 17. So that’s where my UX fascination comes from)

Cheers and thanks


Hi Sevi! I’d love to help where I can, but in my neck of the woods (midwestern America) the landscape seems to be quite different. Prove you can do the work, and you’ll get a shot somewhere. I’m a self-taught UXer, and a big advocate for going out and getting your hands dirty.

I’d encourage you not to chose me for a mentor, but please keep me in mind if there’s anything at all I can help with.


Hey Sevi.

I have a similar background to yours. I did an apprenticeship as a Systems specialist here in Switzerland. After that I decided to start my own company in the field of Interaction Design & Software development (instead of looking for employment). It took a lot of learning and grid but it has been paying of for the past 8 years. :slight_smile:

Most of the concepts and tools I use every day are self-taught. And I think there’s a move away from the pure certification based hiring that you describe - even here in Switzerland.

Let’s meet up for coffee, I’d love to learn more about your current struggle and offer my advice if it helps. Just drop me an e-mail at rodrigo@codegestalt.com



:black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart: this. Thanks for joining us and jumping straight in @rodrigo – you rock.


No a mentor but want to give you some support.

I am in the similar situation, no academic background on design, just have several years of web design and marketing experience. It is tough to find a job any way.

I think you are right to give yourself a pause, find a mentor and decide where to go in UX. The situation for me is the more I know about UX, the bigger and broader I fount it than I thought. And in the job market, a hundred positions with different responsibilities might have the same title called “UX designer”. You might want to find which part of UX you are interested, the visual part, the research part or the design part. Furthermore, what industry attracts you, IT services (as you have many years of experience), web, health care, education and so on.

Well, the bottom line is, don’t give up! Good luck to you! (and to me too, lol)