Keeping design files accessible and organized


Hey all,

I’m in a decently small design and development team. For new UI or components we’ll use Zeplin for easy access to the specs and for complex projects we’ll also create prototypes in Invision, but we always store the mockups in Dropbox so that there is one place where anyone can search for mockups for new and past projects.

This is great for having a central place and for version control, but it’s a bit of a pain in regards to actually viewing the files. Since we use the sharable links, we’re typically viewing the files online. Without downloading each of them, they are a bit blurry and the scrolling view isn’t great.

Does anyone have suggestions of workflows or tools that have worked well for them?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


We also use Dropbox so I’m not of much use here.

Hopefully someone else has a better idea…