Keep the same tab when refreshing the page

Do you think is nice to have, necesary or the user expect to stay in the same tab in a tab navigation when refreshing the page???

Here an exemple of the type of tabs:[0][0]=1989-03-20&Participants[0][1]=1989-03-20&Duration=1-7&Mealplan=AI&Month=2020-01-01&TransportType=Flight&Allocation=2

Here is screenshot of the tabs:

In my opinion, I prefer stay at the same tab when they refreshing the page because user might have a problem with the device or some thing wrong with the page then They have to refresh the page. I can imagine if I refresh the page and when I see the new page will go to another tab then I think user might be confuse and hard to go back to the same page and user might left the app/ website. That is my experience also when I refresh a page of the website or app because something wrong with the internet mostly.