Is my web developer portfolio well designed?




I’m web developer. I would like to know whether my website is good designed. Is it easy to see my projects by potencial customer? I’m working on animation on main website, because it’s flickering.

Here you are:

Thank you :raised_hands:t2:


Hi Dominik

The design is OK - clean and simple. Some things that would make it better:

  1. Get the English checked. There are mistakes in spelling and grammar. Correcting them will make your portfolio more professional.

  2. Each project page only has a small mobile view, which doesn’t show off your work at its best. Put in bigger pictures of the sites on desktop, tablet and mobile and your portfolio will be much more impressive.

  3. I’d take out the GRAPHIC link to Behance in the menu, until you have more work there.

I hope that helps!


Thank you for your answer!


Hi Dominik,

Firstly looks greatly, really simple, clean layout.

A few things…
The WEBSITES I DESIGN on the top right looks like a top menu, feels like these should be clickable.

Try to show more of there process for each project, fill them out a bit. Show the brief, the background, different iterations, rough drawings and tell a story for each one.

I would also consider alternatives way to contact you. For example a linke to your linkedin profile, or show you email address.

Good luck,



The site is nice and clean, which is always a good start. I think, however, you have a lot of room for improvement.

A few thoughts:

Seeing a hamburger menu on a desktop layout just feels… wrong. You have plenty of space in your design, and using hidden navigation hurts UX metrics. I’d recommend exposing your navigation in a more traditional menu layout to make it easier for users to discover your site. It may not seem overly important now, but as your site grows this piece of advice will become critical for your site.

In the projects section, the interaction of the “Fade/Blur/Enlarge” on the mouseover of your projects also feels awkward. Also weird is the “SEE” button that only pops up on mouseover. Why not make the whole image clickable? Why hide the project name? Nothing about this feels natural or right. There’s just so much that’s hidden or eventually obscured.

Also funky: when scrolling through your main page, I can see four projects. When I click “Projects” from the hamburger nav, I can see five.

I’d ditch the warping placeholders in your form fields. They make it difficult for people to recognize when they haven’t entered data in a particular field, and as it appears that all your form fields are optional, this is a huge issue.

Another issue with the contact form: I have no way to tell if my submission was successful or not. Hitting the submit button triggers the loading icon for the form, but without a confirmation message I have no idea whether or not my message to you was successfully or submitted. I tried it a few different ways with various field combinations - including totally empty - and never got a success/failure message. That is maddening.

I think you’ve tried to do too much here to showcase your technical shops in interaction animation, but those interactions don’t add to the usability of the site. They detract from it. Animation for its own sake rarely adds to an experience, and I think you’ve fallen into that trap here.

Apologies for the harsh tone. I think it’s a solid start, but I feel like you have it in you to do so much better. Please take my comments as a push in the right direction!


Nice and simple design, its very clean. Maybe WEBSITES I DESIGN feels like these should be clickable maybe change the names, font etc. Different background images will be more creative, a little colored objects could be fine.
Good luck…


Thank for all you answers. I’m going to get rid of hamburger menu and implement your suggestions. I have one question about design. Should be I consequent? For ex. I put bottom border below header. The others headers don’t have borders.


I wish I had a more clear answer than, “it depends.” But it depends.

I like consistency, but if the borders break up the visual too much, then it’s not good.

If it’s too complicated to put the borders in just to see, you could try taking a screenshot and drawing in the borders to see how it looks.

I hope that helps a bit.


I like it.

Do you have any IT skills you could show off, like forms, do you have the SQL skills to write an SQL+ script for a form to pull the right data from an Oracle database?

Showing these skills wiill get you work outside of static sites and into true Web Development not just Web Design. It can be a blurry line.

But I like it for the purposes of showing your design skills. Only thing is the English and grammar is quite bad in parts.