Invision: How to flip a shape after a click (rather than the whole page)


Hi there,

I have a question re Invision functionalities and couldn’t find the answer anywhere so just taking my chance here…

I’ve started to learn to use Sketch, doing some dummy screens just to get comfortable with the tool and its functionalities. I’ve exported the screens into Invision, and I’m now trying to get familiar with it too… But I’m kind of stuck!

I’ve designed some sort of mobile app, let’s say similar to an e-commerce app. One of my screens is the list of available products based on the search (e.g. like you would have on Airbnb for instance). And when I tap on the item, instead of flipping to the next screen, I would just like the shape of that item to flip, and other items remaining the same.

Does anyone know how I could do that (if doable) in a scalable way? Or is Invision not the right tool for that?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Actually just found the answer :slight_smile: just needed to export my element as an image on its own, add into Invision and then make it an overlay…


WOOT!!! I was just about to tag someone in for you. Congrats on finding it.