Interview with information designer


Hi all,
As part of my study, I need to interview an Information Designer for my assignment. This is a broad term which apparently covers anything from a web content manager, a technical writer or a usability consultant.

The interview will cover your key tasks and how you go about your role.

Is anyone willing to help me out? We can do it via email if preferred so you can answer the questions in your own time.

Many thanks,


Hey Danielle,
Welcome to the community!

I’m primarily a community professional, but I manage web projects so could probably help you out.
Let’s wait and see if anyone else puts their hand up, and if they don’t you can send me through your questions.

What is your deadline?


Hey Hawk,
I’ve been subscribed for a while and I love the campfire chats but this is my first foray into the forums!

Many thanks for the offer - the assignment is due mid-June so it would be fantastic to get responses back by the end of next week.

Shall I message you in a couple of days if I don’t hear from anyone else?



I’m a Sr. UX Designer. Feel free to reach out to me.


Hey Danielle,

I can answer questions for you as well, if you need someone at another level of the scale? I’m technically a Junior User Experience Designer doing an Intermediate’s role at my current job, but will be moving to Intermediate soonish.