International Opportunities


Hey guys,

Reaching out to the trusty old group to get some insights regarding international opportunities.

I’m currently based in South Africa but I’m looking to move for some international exposure. I don’t have a strong preference in terms of countries but I’d love to get away from South Africa for a couple of years to gain some international insights.

Does anyone know of an agency doing UX recruiting, internationally? Alternatively, any opportunity available at companies or something?

I’d love to get some feedback regarding this!


Hey Brendin,
If Australia is an option you should chat with Michael Boyd. @boydie in our Slack channel or @MichaelBoyd_23 on Twitter.



If you’re flexible, check out remote job boards. You could do the whole digital nomad lifestyle and live anywhere. For freelance work, check out Toptal.


I’ve always wanted to live the digital nomad life. Someday… maybe.


Me too. :smile:


Hi i own a small UX team where we design products and have fun while at it. I will be coming to South Africa sometime in december for vacationing and if you havent found anything i hope we could meet up and see if you can be part of the team.
Also i read about what i can do in South Africa in this post south africa, can you confirm there are true cause they seem too exciting to be true considering what people have told me about SA. Anyways hit me back