Interested in a Mentor & Portfolio Critique



I’ve just “finished” my portfolio and would love some feedback. I doubt I’ll be finished once I get feedback :slight_smile: Here’s the link:

I’m looking to transition from customer experience and program/project management to UX and I’m looking for a first opportunity. Having people to talk me through a few real life projects (my experience is mostly student projects) would be extremely helpful. I’ve reached out a bit locally in Richmond, VA and haven’t had any luck, so far. I’m willing to contribute to a project or do a skills exchange.

Thanks for considering,


Hey Lisa,
Sorry for the delay in responding - here is some initial feedback. [LIST=1]
[]Some punctuation is required between “service ease” and “helping” in your heading.
]I love the idea of the personal anecdote (your 9 year old self) but it ends a little abruptly. Could do with transitioning into the next point a little more smoothly.
[*]It’s brilliant being able to see your process, well done on the level of detail in the case studies.


Hi Hawk-

Thanks for the feedback. I’m making some changes on #1 & 2.



Hi Lisa,

Heres some feedback from me:

  • I have a question around the choice of colour for the word ‘Ease’? As it is very bright and vibrant, but a little hard to read, and it attracts the attention from the detail in your page because of the logo’s size and colour.

Nit picking:

  • I suggest not centring the beginning introduction heading, this way it will flow better visually with the rest of the information that you have.
  • There’s a full-stop after corporate which I’m not sure is supposed to be there.


  • What programs did you manage? As part of your introduction, is there something missing, as when I first visited there was more text in here, and now there seems to be less. You do want your personality to shine through in your text as well. Give us a bit more detail around what you’ve done and your experience.

Example projects:

  • May be nice to have the beginning process you took for each as a diagram? instead of User Research | Wireframes etc. As when I first navigated here, I thought these actually might be links.
  • Reading through, there is a bit of change in terms of the language used, for instance in your user statement for the cafe mobile app, I’m guessing your user isn’t going to be a single person, so it may be better to put “My users are”?
  • I liked the walkthrough with examples of what you did at each step.
  • Iterations, it might be good to put why you made the changes you did, i.e. why did you “reduce clutter”. You’ve said what you did, but you haven’t really explained your thought process behind them, which can be good for people to see.
  • It might be good to put in the problems you encountered and how you overcame them. It is fine to say that some things went pear shaped, you want to demonstrate that if things don’t go perfectly to plan, you can manage that.

Hope this helps :).


Hi Natalie-

Big Thanks for the detailed feedback. Excellent points on “User Research | Wireframes etc.” looking like links, explaining changes/thought process, etc.

I have done some editing to my introduction and still need to perfect it. I’m working on logo redesign now it’s been on my list for a while.

You definitely helped.