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Hi Everyone!

  1. I’m from Warsaw, Poland.
  2. I’m at my very beginning. I’m a Junior UX Designer in a big corpo.
  3. I have to prepare a document about linking work of UX and UI designers. All principals, and borders, info about where UXs work ends and UIs starts. I have no clue how to start.
  4. I love all of it. But I think the best part of it is seing your work lives and people enjoy using it. Oh and live user tests.
  5. Cats! yyyy no dogs! Nah cats… I don’t know, both!


Awesome. We have a lot of members hoping to get their first job. How did that process work for you?


I was a graphic designer there, before they made me a UX. Animations, layouts, ebooks etc. But because of the changes I had to choose which way I want to go. There was another one graphic designer with bigger portfolio than me. So I decided to go different path. In UX I can learn much more and… you know… money is better :slight_smile:



Where in the world are you?
Boston, USA. I’m interested in either staying here or moving to the Minneapolis area.

What stage of your career are you at?
I did part-time freelance web design for 5 years, gradually realizing how much UX I put into my work and that the UX design is what I love.
Part time freelance wasn’t paying the bills, so just recently I took a contract job doing web coding at a huge financial firm. The money’s ok, but I want to get back into design.
I’ve never held an “official” UX job … yet.

What are you current challenges?
Professionally, it’s working up my hiring package (portfolio, resume, LinkedIn profile) while working out my current contract.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Most of them!

  • Designing sites/apps that are easy to understand/navigate
  • Learning what “easy to understand” means
  • Juggling the needs of everyone on the team, plus the end user and tech people, to come up with a solution that makes everyone happy. It’s a big logic puzzle, and I love logic puzzles!

Cats or dogs?
Both, though I have neither. I do have The World’s Derpiest Leopard Gecko.


Mexico City here! I have been working on software/games/webdev for a few years but I actually come from a design/photography background, I had always thought coding had a very strong future but looking again at the situation, I can see that there’s a lot of software just not being done right! Lots businesses that need to get involved with digital products and they don’t know how! A lot of them just plain throwing lines of code! So, I have started looking again at design as a tool for development and well, here I am :slight_smile:

I am very passionate about learning how to make successful products and learning a way to generate a method of it to be able to help clients achieve their goals and well, one day develop my own ideas :slight_smile:

I have to say, I also like a lot the technical part, I once aimed in becoming a Technical Director in the game industry, who knows, one day maybe!

My current challenges involve designing the UX/UI design pipeline for the tech business I work for.

Animals are mostly cute in any furry presentation.


Hey Eduardo, welcome to the team. :slight_smile:


Where in the world are you?
Originally from Philadelphia, PA now living and working in Kansas City, MO

What stage of your career are you at?
I’m mid-level in my second career in UX/Product Design and Management. Previously a jill of all trades customer service/business operations manager and freelance graphic designer.

What are you current challenges?
Currently juggling 4 different job roles, trying to keep my head above water while processing my career. Feeling stuck.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Iteration. I love continuing to refine a product to meet changing user and business goals.

Cats or dogs?
Cats for life, but puppies are cute.


Where in the world are you?

What stage of your career are you at?
Starting out. I decided to change careers from being a front-end developer with over 10 years of experience to become a UX designer.

What are you current challenges?
Landing a job. You would think companies would want to hire UX designer who understands interaction design and knows how to code.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I love working on improving products and making them easier for users. I also enjoy creating prototypes.

Cats or dogs?
I like both but would probably get a dog first.


Where in the world are you?

What stage of your career are you at?
Experience Designer

What are you current challenges?
Enterprise UX solutions

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Observation and Research

Cats or dogs?


Ugh, sounds tough. What’s your plan?

You would, yeah. What kind of feedback are you getting at interviews?

And welcome to both of you :slight_smile:


That picture is amazing!!! :laughing:


And kinda creepy right? It just about broke my Twitter!


It kind of looks like the cat devoured the humans head!!


Manchester UK

Digital Marketing/E-commerce Executive. Figured i was too much of a generalist and it was time to really become a specialist in something i enjoy! So i’m not just beginning that journey in UX.

My current challenges are, mastering more features on Illustrator as this is my chosen software for wireframing. I’d really like to deliver professional looking wireframes. My biggest task is understanding what is, and isn’t possible in web development!

User/customer behaviour, customer journeys and design



Welcome David, great to hear from you.

Heh – this is a challenge. I see you’ve started a new topic – I’ll jump in and have a look.

  • Max, based north of London, UK.

  • Junior UX researcher & designer, with a background in graphic design.

  • challenge 1: fitting 30 hours into every 24
    challenge 2: on the lookout for my first UX job

  • I’m really excited that the UX process allows us to make things work better for ordinary users

  • Dogs, for ever! :dog:


Where are you looking for jobs?


Within a commutable distance of North Herts. Cambridge/London. Plus LinkedIn of course :wink:


Holy cow this is a long thread!

  1. Work and Life in Chicago

  2. A brick mason with a background in web design and development -> did that for a decade++ -> picked up work in front-end development -> worked a bit on top of node.js -> now for over two years I’m a professional plate spinner in a very open role spanning across Account and Project Management. Drawn to UX and Design Thinking, Lean, to help identify, clarify, improve projects and process, and also coach clients.

  3. challenging clients, challenging projects and duties, challenging company processes and expectations, challenging work/life balance :smiley: - inspiring team and clients, finding the space for the right activities, working with a team that really values a process.

  4. I’m not sure what aspects of UX I’m passionate about. On the fringier side moving up from actual UX activities, I like how it makes me think about creation centered on Human Values while in a business setting. eg: look at how ‘likes’ have turned into a generative economy.

  5. The cat riding the dog


Do you currently live in Warsaw? I was just there in August hanging around Praga 2.