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Do a quick search on either of those here and you’ll find a number of pretty detailed discussions. If you have more questions, feel free to start a new topic.

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  1. I’m from the great state of Florida. :slight_smile:
  2. I’ve worked in digital media as an UX designer for over 6 years.
  3. Current challege is trying to inform the world about how not to take design out of UX designer. I understand that UX design is an evolving field but that does not mean the art of design should be ignored and replaced by those more suited for analyst roles.
  4. The design. The art. Without art, there is no innovation. Steve Jobs made apple great through the art and the design of products.
  5. l rescued a cat from a car and named her Honda. She has been mine ever since.

  1. I live in Melbourne, Australia
  2. I am really new to UX… only realize there is a career of UX Designer (This might be the career I have been looking for!!!)
  3. My current challenge is i don’t know where to start, I want to learn everything about this exciting world of UX… but I am working on my regular job (over 6 years, almost getting my long service leaves in another year or so), and I am also a mom with 2 kids.
  4. I love the everything about UX… especially design thinking :slight_smile:
  5. Dog


Great to hear from you @keenangry and @ernierni78. Welcome.

Me too! How old are yours? Mine are both 7. It can be a challenge juggling kids and work at times!


Hey… I’m Gregor.

  • I’m in San Francisco.

  • I am always at the middle of my career.

  • My biggest challenge is packaging (myself) as as UX/UI Designer, with years of relevant experience but not much as a “UX/UI Designer.”

  • I love collaboration. With other designers, stakeholders, participatory design. Oh, and creative prototyping.

  • Honestly I’m a fan of both dogs and cats (dogs for personality, cats for attitude).
    I’m particularly partial to cats who acts like dogs, though.
    (Whereas dogs who act like cats creep me out.)


I have one of those. He does things just to be stupid and it cracks me up every day.
Here is an example.


Nice to meet you, Sarah. And thank you for making this forum (and the Slack channel) available to us.
Really great to have access to so much incredible insight!



Here’s my short bio:

  1. Sydney, Australia

  2. I’m just beginning. I finished an honours degree in Industrial Design, where I found my passion wasn’t manufacturable products, but rather the research that goes behind understanding why that product had to exist and the form it should take in the first place. Fairly certain I was going to be going into UX halfway through my degree, so after getting over the burnout of my final year, I studied at GA’s User Experience Immersive and came to a better understanding of how UX works.

  3. My challenge is that I’m still fairly uncertain about what would offer me better opportunities - specialising in service design or going into the industry as UX/UI with some web dev skills. I’ve applied to any roles that are taking juniors and having a lot of interesting chats with people I have interviewed with about how they got to their careers and what different UX pathways look like. I feel like this ambivalence is coming across in my job interviews, and I need to decide soon, otherwise I will not get anything to start off with.

  4. At this point, I like all of it. I am passionate about creating a product/service experience that suits people, not strictly a business model. I like the chaos that is research. For me, finding a strategy that would be feasible is as interesting as designing the interface or environment people will interact with. I would love to design for Accessibility at some point. Diverse interests, not anywhere to get stuck into.

  5. Dogs. Rotties are my breed of choice.


Welcome Aly – interesting dilemma!

Are you equally passionate about them both? Where is your heart?


Thanks HAWK!
I’ll get in touch! :slight_smile:


Hey UXers :slight_smile:
I’m David from Budapest. I am running a 20-person design studio, you can find us here:
We design digital products for companies like HBO, Liligo, T-mobile and many startups around the world.
I am really passionate about good design, which is not just sexy skin for me, but also an easy to use interface and a useful product. Nowadays I spend a lot of time with the useful part, and I try to figure out how to find good product and feature ideas.

Dogs :slight_smile:


Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I’m a classically trained designer with 20 yrs experience looking to transition to user experience design.
My challenge - Not to simply adapt to design industry trends but use fundamentals of design to carry me through the future of design. Today it’s mobile apps but how will design fundementals inform how we design for what comes next? Not totally ready to give up on how artistry and craftsmanship are part of design solutions. Usability is paramount but I don’t think it’s intended to always be synonymous with utility.
I’m passionate about the psychology of design - from the effects of color to understanding what motivates action - and using research and analytics to inform design choices.
Cats :slight_smile: … even though I’m allergic :frowning:


Welcome @pasztor_david and @cristinakulik – great to have people of your experience on board. I look forward to hearing more from you both.


-Austin, TX

-I am just now trying to dip my toes into the vast ocean that is UX Design. I am looking around, trying to find the best and most productive ways to get started.

-My challenge is that it seems like the best way to get started in UX is by taking a class of some sort. A lot of the classes such as General Assembly are very expensive. Considering I just graduated college with a degree and the price of a 6 month class is almost the same as one year of college, I have a hard time justifying the decision to attend the programs. There seems to be a lot of different aspects to UX so it’s difficult to find affordable resources for everything that I would need to start learning.

-Being an economics major which is a social science, I love learning about how people react to different situations and creating theories of how others will act based on it. I also like the idea of working with teams, and creating strategies intended to increase productivity and ease of use for end users therefore optimizing that product and business. I love people, I love being creative, and I love the idea of helping the world continue to move in a smooth rotation.

-I am definitely a dog person, but kittens are pretty cute.

Excited to learn and grow with you all!


Welcome! There are a tonne of threads here about breaking into UX and the types of courses (both paid and unpaid) that you can do. We have a good list of online UX courses here. There are plenty that don’t have the bootcamp price tag.


Where in the world are you?
I’m in the south east of Ireland.

What stage of your career are you at?
I’ve been designing and building brochure & ecommerce websites for a few years as a freelancer but I’m completely new to UX.

What are you current challenges?
Not having 5 years experience in a UX role.
Finding work reasonably close to where I live.
Converting my experience in web design into something appealing for a UX hiring manager.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I’ve always been interested in psychology and understanding people in general. I love to know their motivations and why they behave and react in certain ways, I’d say I’m pretty good at it too (I’ve been winning at poker for years :smiley: ). I didn’t know much about UX until a few months ago when I say a job ad, but I guess I saw it as an opportunity to mix something I’m good at with something I enjoy.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs. Cats are up to something.


Hi all,

Please allow me to introduce myself!

Where in the world are you?
The Netherlands.

What stage of your career are you at?
Just getting started. Did a education in Human-Technology Interaction and started in a junior function as UX designer this month.

What are you current challenges?
Learning how to not be an optimistic planner. And doing my first project in which they don’t really know what UXers do.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
The testing and human interaction mostly. Both to interact with users myself and how they interact with the system.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs because cats are not energetic, enthusiastic and suitable for wrestling enough.


Great to hear from you both @eddie and @rob_jochem – I look forward to seeing you round the forums.


accually I just started diving into the world of UX and i cant wait to make things of my own!

  1. Im from Tel-aviv,Israel.
  2. Currently working in a big IT company as a communication engineer.
  3. My current challenges right now is getting to know the world of UX in the best and most productive way:)
  4. One of the many aspects is to understand how the user thinks and to be able to contribute by improving the accessibility for making it productive and more comfort to use.
    5.I have both of them…I cant answer it ( they both watching me right now:))

Best Regards,


Heh, love it.

Welcome Roy.