Infinite Scroll


I stumbled across this article today, which is an interesting read


Thanks for the link Hawk, it’s a great look at a tricky feature in terms of when to use it and how. I had a bit of a run in with pretty much an entire (developer based) project team 4 or 5 years ago on exactly this subject (me resisting it’s use).

In hind site I think on this one my instincts were correct, however sometimes as a UXer the trickiest thing is to come up with a solid enough rationale in the heat of project when everyone is under big pressure. It’s something I’ve got better at over time however the big lesson for any newbies reading this is to hold your ground where you think it is important enough, but do it sensitively and with tact, backed up with clearly articulated reasoning (and expect to be challenged).

Since then I’ve supported the infinite scroll in situations where it make sense to implement it (especially for mobile) but always with clear, obvious and helpful controls so that the user stays in the driving seat with no surprises. My vote is that the fully automated version of the infinite scroll is in most/all cases a bad idea.