Idea pitching and calling for making a team for app idea development

Hi, I am writing this to propose same some product development ideas and wish to establish a team to further develop the idea.
Idea pitching:
Basically, there 3 fields I am interested in for making the apps:

  1. tools to help make notes/ Collect ideas: Create an app that can help collect inspiration and capture ‘ah-ha’ moments: “Note–taking” app that helps improve productivity. EverNotes makes it a good app for notetaking, but it still has room to improve, like is that possible to make the workflow more intuitive/ efficient by simplifying the process (Record essential elements which can help you remember core points later, or how would it be possible to push notification to remind users the notes regarding when and where they will/should be useful ect, or what if the app is targeting for specific group users? )

2.Enhance Tourist experience/ encourage culture exchange: Create a Gaming-like Travel app (like treasure hunting / product exchange) which aims to make tourists’ journey more interesting while at the same time help locals who have limited access to online platform to advertise their talents/product/services. People can engage in the “Game ” both virtually and physically (it is the time to explore potential of physical interaction with people and environment under the wave of e-commerce power)

  1. Make music: Create a music improvisation tool which helps create music in a fun and easy way (most of the music making apps nowadays require user to open the app exclusively, and sometimes it’s hard for people who haven’t been trained to just sit down and create awesome music (lack of inspiration?), how about integrate music creation process while they are listening to music? /they can record their tapping of rhythms or a snippet of the melody they like, and then get inspired and Improvise on top of it)
    There are some questions needs to be considered for the app . First, how to simplify the process and lower the threshold for people without advanced musical background to make nice music. Second, how to make them learn to get better at it and therefore stick to the app by leveraging the online sharing and collaboration features.

I am a master student of and industry design engineering, and have a bit background of physics and computer science. I would like to pursue my career in UX design area.

I am open to any idea / advice (similar area:( (1. work productivity 2.culture/travel/photography but not limited to above three )
It’s my pleasure to invite those of you who have the any kind of background related to product development / design and who also have the same interest, passion, to work together.
Feel free to contact me here.
Cheers !

Hi Maxine,
Welcome! :slight_smile:

We quite often have people that are keen on finding projects that they can use in their portfolios, so you might get some interest, but at the moment your post is pretty huge and wordy. It would be a bit easier to digest if you broke it up and perhaps put a summary of bullet points at the top.

I’ve also edited your contact info out, because you don’t want to get spammed. People can PM you if they want to get in touch.

Hope that’s helpful! Best of luck with your project.