How to improve check-out process?


Hi, can you please tell me how to improve the checkout process in my shop? I think that the two buttons ‘PayPal’ and ‘Stripe’ need to open the email box immediately. Also, do you think it’s useful to have label the button ‘Stripe’ when most potential customers probably don’t know what Stripe is?

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I think this is one of the most discussed topic within the Product Owner, Designers and E-Commerce expert communities.
I am sure that by checking websites like this ( you will enhance your process.
Anyway, I tried to go through your process and these are my feedback:

  • the checkout page provides 3 steps before starting the payment task
  • *select the payment method
  • *provide the email you want to use for receiving the link
  • *click on the CTA of the selected method

I would reduce the steps to 2 by

  • providing one of the two options selected by default
  • the CTA already visible but not clickable
  • as a user if that’s the method I want to go for I need to provide only my email and click on the CTA.

In the worst case, I will opt for the other option and I will perform one more click compared to the “happy path”.
Of course, I would define the pre-selected option based on the most used payment method

I hope it will help!
Let us know how you will design that page :wink: