How expensive is to test your prototypes and ideas with users?

Hello. I’m working in a company focused on creating a desktop application for all primary desktop OS. My goal is to spend more time on the UX of the product this year. Probably we need mostly to collecting feedback from a few different personas, and I’m searching for a solution. Aside from the direct feedback that we get from our customers, we talk about future prototype testing. Can you share your experience, please? What tools are you using for remote user interviews, and how expensive are they?

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I test prototypes or do interviews using Zoom. It’s fairly easy and a paid account is $14.99/month.

You can use Google Meet which is free with a Gmail account.

I like Zoom because it has transcription and is easy to record. I don’t think Google Meet lets you record unless you have an enterprise account.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much for your fast response. Zoom is perfect for interviews with people that I know and I have their contact. I try to ask for a tool like Usabilla. What do you think about it? It is expensive for me, but still, I need to know is it that useful and is it a good investment to use something similar for desktop prototypes.

Hello! I have a fair bit of UX research experience, and I’m happy to help.

I think there’s a distinction that needs to be made here that might help me answer your question. Are you trying to evaluate existing/potential designs via user feedback (AKA usability testing), or are you working to better understand your users needs, goals, and pain points through research methods (AKA UX research)? Or both?

Thank you @dougcollins. Yes, very good question. I need to do both. First I have to improve our current product, but also I think we need to make a huge change in the user flow, so I have to understand the pain points better. I try to prepare myself for this. I want to change the approach in the company when we talk about user-centered design. That’s why I’m collecting some professional opinions :slight_smile:

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@Sora, yeah Usabilla is a total platform. You don’t need to use that if it is too pricey. There are lots of options to do what they do on your own. For example, you could build a desktop prototype in InVision and then share your screen with the participant to do usability testing. You can also just video chat with customers using Zoom. Then use a spreadsheet to keep track of everything.

I’m struggling with how to reach more people. Even people which have no idea what is our product.

You can use things like Craigslist, or pay for panelists. Find forums about the topic and post there. Reddit has a sub-thread for surveys, where you can post a screener survey to get participants.

Have you looked into paying for participants?