How can a new UX designer, without any portfolio get started

Hello guys
I am a new UX designer, tho I have just concluded a project on burger app. But I still need more work and practice
I am looking for a team of UX designers I can join just to learn more or should I say I need a mentor to guild me


Everybody gives the textbook definition of UX designer responsibility, but my perspective is a little different. I see from the broadest angle. I think a UX designer is the most responsible person for a product’s success. User satisfaction matters, and UX designers take this responsibility on their shoulders.

You can make your product aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and spend money on marketing your product, but you’ll still be at risk of failure if you don’t ensure a seamless experience.

Previously, people used to take it lightly. But now, if you neglect the responsibility of a UX designer, you are surely going to regret it in the long run

Meanwhile, if you are a UX designer, you must be able to take this responsibility. For this, you need to perform extensive user research, and usability testing, and understand the usability issues. And most importantly, you have to have a deep understanding of user persona.


Hey, Zephvic.
Glad to you’re embarking on a journey to becoming a <a href="" target="_blank">ux designer</a>.

The best way that I could advise you is to keep building case studies, even if it means it’s for a company that doesn’t exist yet. A great resource to generate fictitious client briefs is Fake Clients which yo can search on Google. This will generate briefs for you as though a client were approaching you, and you can work off of that.

Another way you can do that is by knocking on some doors of small businesses and provide them with your service at no cost. I know it’s free, but it’s the case studies that you need right now. If you can do this with at least 3 clients, you’re going to be well on your way to becoming a great UX designer. Good luck!

Hi @Zephvic! Have you considered joining the IxDF? In most of the courses you’re given portfolio exercises, from where you can start building your portfolio, while also getting a certificate :heart: Oh, and you have a course on How to Create a UX Portfolio Course | IxDF

Besides that, it’s such a great place to network with fellow UX designers. You would have opportunity to interact and seek guidance on the discussion forums, and also meet up in person with a local community from your city, if they’re active!

I hope this helps! Also, check this article: Top 6 Tips to Make Your UX Portfolio Stand Out | IxDF