Heuristic Analysis Walkthrough on Slack


GAAD Heuristic Analysis Walkthrough on Slack.

Next in our GAAD project we’re going to run an heuristics walkthrough in our dedicated Slack channel.
The session will take place at 2pm PDT Mon 23 May (7am AEST Tues 24 May)
Find out what time it will be at your place.

We’ll pick one heuristic to examine and walk through the Virgin Australia, CarSales.com.au and National Rail sites together. That will inform our discussion here in preparation for Derek Featherstone to offer us his expert advice back here in the community forums.

Note: if you don’t already belong to our Slack channel you can get an invitation here.

GAAD: Usability Observations about Virgin, CarSales and National Rail

Excellent news, this is one not to miss!


We even make it work for your timezone (we hope)!


Excellent, will try to make this. I’d love to brush up on heuristics as I’ve never done a formal heuristics analysis myself. Only read up on ways to do one. Does anyone have examples of finished reports they have created I could have a look at?

Heuristic Evaluation

@Lukcha – any ideas?


I’ll see what I can do. =)


We’re about to kick this off… Join us!


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