Help with single sign on authentication



Hi all.

I’m currently redesigning a company’s payment sit; they use single sign on authentication for all their apps so I have to ask for a user’s email account at the beginning of the payment process to even let them continue the flow or else redirect them to account creation and it’s proving to be a barrier.

My question is, has anyone worked with single sign on authentication that could provide some tips or references? I’ve searched for flows online but can’t seem to find anything relating to the UX part of it.



Hi @abraham_guajardo! I’m not sure I’m following exactly what you’re looking for. It sounds like it’s an example of an SSO enrollment flow - is that correct?


Thanks for the quick answer @dougcollins yes that’s what I’m looking for, sorry if I added too much unnecessary background to the question :sweat_smile:


No worries!

I’m also curious - you say you’re doing SSO. Do you mean this in the sense that you’re allowing users to sign-in via their Google/Facebook/Twitter (etc.) accounts, or that you plan on registering an account with your site that will then be used elsewhere for SSO activities?


For now users have to create an account on the site that is used to access the rest of the company’s apps.


Okay, great.

I think you may be letting the SSO pice throw you. Though you’re using the same login across multiple sites, you’re still doing a fresh account enrollment at the beginning of the process. That means you’re still following the standard account enrollment flow and best practices in design. Is that correct?


That’s true, I guess the main problem I’ve been having is user resistance to this new way of handling things, as before it was just a regular checkout flow; I will have to think more on how to better explain this new feature
and its importance rather than modifying the checkout process itself. Thanks @dougcollins!


No worries! What kind of feedback have you been getting? Ideally this should make things easier, and I’m wondering if you’re not building up things enough in the value proposition statement side of user enrollment.


This sounds like something I may also be coming across on project. Can you explain what SSO is? Layman here!


SSO stands for “Single Sign On.” Essentially, it’s creating a single user ID and password that works across multiple sites and services.