Has anyone done a formal UX apprenticeship or internship?



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Designlab's new UX Academy program
Designlab's new UX Academy program

I have the same question!! would love to hear, especially from people who are out of school. I keep reading all about how “when you change careers, it’s easy to get an internship”… yeah…right… So far the only ones I’ve seen have been for students, or someone who is 21 years old… none for people who have loads of experience in a different field and moving into UX.

If anyone knows of any in LA, let me know!


I just realized that the link to that post got removed when it was moved to this separate thread. Here it is again for anyone that’s interested:


Our next AMA session on Slack is going to be focused on going outside your comfort zone to achieve things you want to achieve to get your UX career off the ground. We’ll chat about internships in that session.

I’ll be advertising the details soon.


That should be interesting since my two attempts to volunteer my services to build my portfolio have fizzled.