Happy 2017 – what are your learning goals for the year?


Hey fabulous community – I’m back on board after a wonderfully relaxing summer holiday with my family.

How are you all faring so far?

I’m really keen to talk about learning goals. I like the idea of setting ourselves a challenge, and writing it down so that we’re accountable.

My plan is to learn more about analytics (predominantly GA, but also casting my net wider if nec.) I feel like I utilise about 5% of the power that is GA, and was inspired to learn more when I read this:

What’s your learning goal for the year?

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Love this thread :slight_smile:

Luckily my personal goal and one of my objectives at work are the same this year - to learn more about accessibility and try to implement it into our software better. This will involve training courses, reading books, and a lot of trial and error! :smiley:


Nice to have you back Hawk,

Since I am a complete newbie to the UX world still in certain respects, my number one goal this year is to learn and become adept with the general ux process and specialities. While figuring out what direction I like the best…since my other serious goal is to go from newbie to working in the field by october…remotely :slight_smile:

I have a pretty keen interest in UI which makes me think I’ll try to become a Sketch guru at some point ha ha…

You all are the best,



Welcome back, Hawk! Sounds like you had a great time! :slight_smile:

So, I read this article about creating a system. So here’s my system for the first half of 2017:

  • Watch / study for UX classes 7 hours / week (avg of 1 hr per day)
  • Finish 1 UX personal project per quarter
  • Finish 1 UX book per quarter
  • Bi-weekly blog progress on both projects and books

I’ve committed to revisiting this in July, to make any adjustments if needed.

So . . . is anyone looking for an accountability partner? :wink:

I look forward to hear what everyone else is up to! Take care! ~ Marie


Hi, Hawk. I wish it were summer here in midwest America.

For 2017, my goals are to start and stay on top of my courses in the Information Architecture and Knowledge Management master’s program, emphasis on UX, at Kent State University this May.
By the end of the year, I hope to have 3 solid UX projects under my belt and the makings of an excellent portfolio.
@marie_williams01, I’m a big system person! I hadn’t put it in those words, but I work well in that sort of schedule. Good luck, and I’m happy to be an accountability partner!


Hello :slight_smile:

My learning goal for the year is to build my business acumen skills and knowledge- learning and understanding how a business works. I’ve put years into growing my UX skills but haven’t dedicated much time to more general business related skills.

Also, I really want to learn how to do vintage hair and make up on myself- I’m attending this hair and make up workshop in March (in Canberra)!! :lipstick:


I love this idea, lots of great goals in the thread :slight_smile:
For 2017, I’ve started a personal thing called “2017 - The Year of the Self”. Kind of a tacky name.
But this is the year I’ve started working towards all the lingering goals, issues, and improvements I’ve wanted for a long time.

There are my goals related to UX:

  • Read 10 UX books
  • Work on some independent usability projects and write detailed findings on my blog
  • Network a lot more with fellow UXers

Others are about and health - working out, eating habit changes, and hobbies.


All admirable goals. I’ve decided to step up my fitness by taking a part time job as a group fitness trainer at my gym. I start in 2 weeks. Nervous!


I want this year to become a…

  • Sketch Ninja
  • Olympic Networker
  • And also complete at least one drawing a week.



Thats so awesome. All the best with your first group. :slight_smile:


Share them here if you want to be accountable :wink:


I like it, a bit of pressure and motivation.


I want to learn more about information architecture because I barely dipped my toes into it at General Assembly, so I just started reading Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond.


We also have a book on IA – authored by our good friend @maadonna

She’d be the perfect person to give you advice on further reading and resources.


LOL. You should read my book, because it’s actually pretty good. That will get you well and truly more into IA. And then maybe start listening to IA Summit talks to keep up with new ideas.