Greetings from Nick Mosher


Greetings everyone, my name is Nick Mosher. I am a User Designer at the American Academy of Family Physicians, headquartered in Kansas City. I’m really interested in broadening the conversations about UX design. Most resources and conversations are lead by contractors and agency folks. While many of these conversations are invaluable, they lack the perspective of someone like me. As an employed designer, I get to deal with the same user base all the time. My insights will likely, over time, become more attuned to my user base and therefore my experience different.

Anyway, I have a six month old daughter and love every day. I’m looking forward to this community becoming robust.


Me too! :wink:

Thanks Nick, and welcome on board. I moved this post to a thread of its own, to do it justice.

It sounds like you have a really interesting job! How do you find being at work when you really want to be at home with your new baby? :wink:


It is really difficult, but the UX work can be pretty absorbing. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Nick! Glad to have you. Would love to hear more about how you came to your in-house role. When you get a moment let us know your UX story