Gathering data on Aesthetics on Chat Interface (Survey)



Hi fellow UI Designers!!

I am currently working on my Master Degree Thesis on “Aesthetics on Chat Interface for Customer Support”. Currently gathering data.

I will really appreciate if you could take 15 minutes (or less) of your precious time to answer some questions. I would love if you could also comment and leave suggestions on each interface. I am currently evaluating 7 interfaces.

Below the link:
I am using the questionnaire of VisAWI (Visual Aesthetics of Websites Inventor) in case you are interested.

Thank You in Advance!!

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If you have any question regarding my research, please feel free to ask.


Done, good luck with your thesis!


Thank you!!




I had five minutes to spare so I thought I’d try to race through it. But that wasn’t possible because several questions really slowed me down due to incorrect spelling/grammar and some terms needing more clarity.

Here’s one example.There are two main meanings of the word “patchy” (as in a patchwork) and it wasn’t clear which one you meant or if you meant both. For the first layout, I agreed with the first meaning but not with the second so which takes priority?

  • isolated elements in the layout, e.g. a disconnected/orphaned footer or sidebar
  • inconsistent quality, e.g. where some elements are highly finished and others are clearly first attempts

Many people probably don’t notice these sorts of issues but it does hinder people like me who are prefer to be more precise.